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Sunday, May 12, 2019

I Have a Story...

Hello beautiful people! I know I went a little MIA for a little while again, but let me tell ya, there has been a lot happening in my life over the past several weeks that I am finally able to share. I am over the moon with excitement to announce that I have accepted an Academic Advisor position at Georgia State University and have moved to Atlanta!! I am so happy to be back in Georgia, living in Atlanta, and to be closer to my family and friends.

Now ya'll know I have a story to tell about how this transpired and how I finally got back to where I wanted to be. The past 9 months of my life were definitely a whirlwind of changes and emotions that I had never experienced before. Losing a best friend definitely changed my perspective on life and forced me to reevaluate what is really important to me and is going to bring the most joy to my life. I realized that my job wasn't the most important or best thing about me and that it was time to reprioritize. This all weighed on me heavily at the start of the new year. About a week or two into the month of January I called my best friends, Erin and Chaneya, with an announcement- I was going to move to Atlanta by the end of the academic year. Did I have a job lined up? No. Did I know how I was actually going to make this into a reality? Not a clue. But as Erin often says, "When Molly gets something in her head there isn't anything that's going to stop her."

This was a process, a long grueling process. In total I think I submitted close to 30 applications for different types of positions at different institutions around Atlanta. For the first month and a half I received many thank you, but no thank you e-mails. I kept applying, though, in hopes that one of them would be the right fit. Meanwhile, in the background I was learning some hard lessons about grief and loss and the consequences of not working through the feelings I was experiencing in a productive and healthy way. I realized that the way I was or was not dealing with how losing Pierce affected me also impacted the people in my life. It was a lot to sort through, but let me tell you about God. He is always looking out. I decided to speak to a grief counselor and, I kid you not, the day I made the appointment I received my first of three phone calls for interviews. If I didn't believe God had everything under control up to this point, I most certainly did now. It was almost His way of saying He wasn't going to help me get to where I wanted to be until I decided to help myself.

Throughout the month long interview process for all three positions I consistently thanked God for these opportunities and asked Him to help me do my best to show the schools where I was interviewing how I could be an asset. I kept believing that He was going to help me make this happen. I didn't know which position I was going to get, but I was getting an offer from one of them (see Erin's comment above). I never lost hope in that or that Pierce was doing everything he could to help me have full happiness again. I just kept praying and believing and believing and praying. FINALLY on May 1st Georgia State called and offered me a position on their staff. I was so excited, relieved, and shocked all at one time. To be honest I still am. I'm so grateful for the blessings I've received and that God has been there through the whole thing.

I share this experience not only because I am incredibly excited for this new adventure, but also I want y'all to be assured of how good God is and that He always has a plan even when we don't. He really knows what is best for us and for our growth. Sometimes that means removing things from our lives that aren't helping us grow so that the things that will help us grow can arrive. Can the road be long and exhausting? You can count on it. But does God ever take something from us without intending to give us something a million times better? NEVER. In addition to thanking God for this blessing, I also want to thank all of family and friends for their unwavering encouragement and support, especially over the past several months. Y'all stuck with me through some difficult moments and believed in me when my belief was lacking, and for that, I love all of you to the moon!

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