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Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Chapter 27

Before I started to write today's ode to my 27th year of life, I wanted to go back to the post I wrote exactly 365 days ago today, Chapter 26. It's funny because I remember so clearly how relieved I was to have made it through 25 because that was a LONG year, and how excited I was for 26. If you read last year's post on my birthday you might remember that I set six affirmations for myself:

1. Be more present
2. Worry less about the things I can't control
3. Spend less on things and more on experiences
4. Travel more
5. Be less afraid
6. Focus more on myself
Thinking through this list and all of the things I accomplished in year 26, I think I did a pretty bang up job of sticking to the affirmations I set for myself. 

1. I have some of the best memories from this year with all of the things I did with family and friends- graduations, concerts, traveling, birthdays, dinner dates, and so much time spent just being with the people I love.

2. Worrying less will always be a constant battle, but I did learn this year that the people in my life now are planning to stick it out with me, no matter how many dramatic episodes transpire. That's such a calming feeling at this point in my life.

3. I have completed some form of my savings challenge I talked about here every month since June, which has allowed me to do more and live more comfortably.

4. I went to Los Angeles 3 times, Atlanta 5 times, and couple of other places in between so I think I easily met that goal.

5. I asked God last to take me out of the kiddie pool and throw me into the deep end. I didn't know exactly what that would look like at the time, but we're here just dog paddling away!

6. I've worked really hard over the past 365 to become more unapologetically myself, which might sound cliche, but whatevs. 

Now that we've reflected a little bit on 26, let's talk about 27. If I learned anything about myself from 365 days ago it's that she and I are very different people. I've learned firsthand how incredibly short life is and that, as much I want to believe I'm in control of what happens, no amount of planning or analyzing can stop what God has planned. And y'all know I am the Penelope Garcia of change- I don't care for it in any sense of the word. As a result of the changes that have transpired this past year, I have leaned on God's guidance and my faith more than ever before. Because I've learned how short life is, my belief in doing what is going to make me happy is more prevalent than ever. I want to continue to live my life doing what is going to make ME happy and focus less on opinions because, at the end of the day, everyone is going to have one. I have to do what is best for Molly; whatever that may look like.

So if that gives y'all any indication at how fun I plan to make Chapter 27, I would definitely recommend sticking around! Thank you in advance for all of the birthday wishes!

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