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Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Why College Friends Are the Family You Choose

Hi y'all! As I am sitting down to write, the title of this post could not ring more true. Today is a very exciting day for our family as one of my best friends, Jeremiah, and his wife Tisa are bringing my godson into the world. And as we speak Jeremiah is sending our group chat pre-delivery room photos and video that serve as a constant reminder how much I love each one of these fools and how we became a family.

I really believe it's true that your college friends are the family you choose. We make fun of each other like family, we celebrate holidays and special moments like family. We've studied and barely passed classes together, shared more meals and naps than I can count, we've helped each other make it to the front door after many late nights, we know each other's favorite things like the back of our hand. Most importantly, we love each other just like a family. On days like today I remember not only why we all became friends, but how we've also remained friends after 9 years.
Under any other circumstances in life, none of us never would have met. We all came from different high schools in different cities. We all studied different things and got our degrees from different programs. We all have different interests. Hell, we could have not chosen West Georgia and I would not even be sitting here waiting for Jeremiah to tell me Ashton is FINALLY here. However, that is what I find to be the best part of college and often the beauty of living in a traditional college dorm- you are constantly meeting new people. It happened by chance that Erin and I lived down the hall and then somehow met James and Jeremiah through mutual friends, who knew Swiss from playing basketball in the rec. And then throw Chaneya in the mix when I pledged Sigma Kappa later that year. Then two years down the road let Pierce and Swiss be roommates so he can join the party too. Do y'all see what I'm saying? Friendships like this don't just happen by chance! Haha!

Most of my favorite memories are with one or all of these people. And when I'm asked about my own college experience they are 1000% the reasons why I never have anything, but wonderful things to say. I couldn't imagine what those 4 years of my life would have been like if I had not experienced it with them. I also couldn't imagine having half a much courage to have taken some of the risks I have if it hadn't been for their support, encouragement, and complete belief that I can do anything I want to do.

I'm thankful to have a family like this one everyday. The more things change the more we remain the same. We've been through a lot together, most especially as many of you know, in the past year. In August our dynamic encountered a permanent shift. While something of this magnitude can often cause family to drift apart, we held onto each other for dear life. We, once again, remembered why we've been friends for almost a decade. I have leaned on them more in the past 6 months than I ever have. And just like a family does, they held me up. They've given me so much strength during the weakest moments of my adult life. And they've helped me laugh at the end of a meltdown. They have really realigned my focus and helped me to remember that the people I love are most important and what makes me the most happy in this life. 

As we all anxiously await Ashton's arrival and the start of our next generation (dear God that sounds way scarier when I read it), I am excited to have them in my life and know they'll be by my side for the next batch of wonderful memories. I know Erin will continue to welcome all of our future family members in with a shot of hard liquor and Jeremiah will make some kind of corny joke at every family function. I know that Swiss and my ability to read each's minds will only get better. I know Chaneya will always answer my call, no matter how theatrical that call is destined to be. And I know Pierce is always with me, even if I can't see him. There are few things certain in life, but these people and our family-ship is one of the things I can always count on. And they are the best kind of family I could've chosen.

Happy Birthday Ashton! We all love you already!

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