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Thursday, February 14, 2019

Best Friends Make the Best Valentines

Good morning my beautiful people. Happy Valentine's Day! Today is one of those days of the year that you either love or you absolutely loathe. Valentine's Day means something different for everyone based on how you personally choose to celebrate the day, or not celebrate the day. This year I choose to embrace all of the Reese's hearts and the love I am surrounded by from my family and my friends.

I can remember being in grade school and loving Valentine's Day because I got to decorate a card box at school, pick out cards for all of my friends and whichever boy I was crushing on, and indulge in all of the chocolate to my heart's content. However, my perception of Valentine's Day changed when I got to high school, where Valentine's Day simply became a day that those of us who were single prayed to just be over already; how wonderful being sixteen with a full set of braces was. Honestly, it wasn't until I met my best friends, Chaneya and Erin, that I truly started to enjoy Valentine's Day. For the three of us, Valentine's Day celebrates our friendship with 3 of our favorite things- brunch, mimosas, and chocolate.
Erin, Chaneya, and my celebration of Valentine's Day has always allowed me to see the sunshine in a day that celebrates love, no matter the actual status of my love life. These two treat me better than all of my exes combined and we show our appreciation for each other with small gifts that are perfect for the individual. I can never say enough about how blessed I am to have these two people as my best friends. They know me better than almost anyone and love me regardless of any dumb decision I've made...they just make sure I know it and encourage me to try to make things better. And let me tell y'all, they are LITERALLY the best hype team known to man. My best friends have always been my best valentines and I'm happy knowing that this day will always mean something special to the three of us.

Now for a little added treat on today's post. As Express Ambassadors, Chaneya and I were excited to style a couple of pieces from Express's Valentine's Day collection for our brunch this past weekend. There are two things I'm really loving about how we chose to incorporate their collection into our looks:

1. Our styles are a little reversed and we're dressed a lot like how each other would normally.
2. Our choices in graphic tee's from the collection are in total contrast of each other!

If you're looking for a last minute outfit for your Valentine's Day date with your boo or with your girls, check out Express for some festive pieces for men and women. Oh! And everything is 40% off today!  

Chaneya's Outfit:
Jacket: Express (sold out, similar style here) // Graphic T-shirt: Express One Eleven // Jeans: Express // Hiker Booties: Shoe Dazzle

Molly's Outfit:
Graphic T-shirt: Express One Eleven // Leather Jacket: Old Navy (sold out, similar style here) // Wide Leg Pants: Express // Shoes: A New Day by Target

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