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Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Straight out of Emerald City

Outfit Details
Dress: Who What Wear Collection // Embellished Heels: Express

A known fact about me- you rarely catch me in bold colors. My fair skin tends to clash with the OG colors of the rainbow so I typically gravitate towards the sections of the store where the pastels and neutrals are living. They almost always look better on me than a yellow midi skirt or a fushia top and I've learned to accept that I'm just not one of those women who can jump daringly into a bright-colored piece.

However, every every blind squirrel finds a nut once in a while and my nut is this emerald green maxi dress from the Who What Wear Collection by Target. I saw it online and the person wearing it was ROCKING it so I was curious as to whether emerald and ivory might coexist. I fell in love with this dress! It is so perfect for summer because of its airiness and lighter fabric. I cannot get enough of it. And as luck would have it, it complimented the floral block heels I wore in the Express Brand Ambassador post here. As I sit here writing I can't help, but think it might look cool with a leather jacket a few months from now. File that for later!

Moral of today's story, go for the bold color that might be outside of your normal color wheel; you might be pleasantly surprised (feel free to read into that however you like).

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