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Tuesday, July 17, 2018

How Jason Markk Helps Me Keep Sneakers Looking Brand New

 I can be extremely meticulous when it comes to keeping my sneakers clean and nothing pains me more about any pair I own than when I find a blemish in the form of dirt or a scuff. My sisters have made fun of me in the past, saying that I had the cleanest pair of Converse Chuck Taylor's they had ever seen and that they're supposed to look lived in and get dirty. Not in this girl's mind though! When I think about why I have a slight obsession with keeping my sneakers clean I think about my mom, my sweet girl Barbie, who would wash my sneakers for school every other week growing up. I can still remember her telling me that my sneakers always needed to be clean. Thus, a clean freak was born. 

I used to rely on random household products to keep my sneakers looking pristine until I discovered Jason Markk's magic potion for cleaning sneakers and knew I had to get some for myself. Jason Markk has tons of great products for keeping all of your shoes clean including cleaning solutions and repellents, brushes, microfiber cloths, and wipes. They even have a travel size cleaning kit for when you're on the go and don't want to run into any accidents. The Essentials Kit (pictured below) comes with the cleaning solution and a brush, but you can always upgrade to the Essentials Bundle and add on other products as you see fit for your shoe collection.

I tried out Jason Markk's Essential Kits on my favorite pair of sneakers that y'all have seen here and here- my Nike Air Vapormax's. They got a little dirty, and I use the term little very lightly, after my friends, Kourtney and Taylor, let me wear sneakers to their wedding (bless y'all!). I didn't think they were dirty at first, but the next time I went to put them on I was appalled. The parts of the shoe that were noticeably dirty and gross were toe box and laces (pictured above). When I started scrubbing the toe box and soaked the laces I could almost immediately notice a different. Gave these beauties a good bath and they were almost as good as new!

Now some of you may be wondering why I had to go out and buy sneaker cleaning products; why couldn't I just throw them in the washer? The flyknit material that this shoe, and several others I own, is made of is very fragile. Had I thrown them in the washer, the intensity would have caused the shoe to unravel and ruined it completely. Many of the materials today's sneakers are made of are similar to the flyknit, which is why there is a market for Jason Markk's products. I was very satisfied with the results and am slowly giving all of my sneakers a well deserved bath. You can find Jason Markk's product online and at many retailers. I was able to find the kit I used at Finishline. I promise it will change your life...and that of your favorite shoes!

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