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Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Hitting the Ground Running with Air Zoom Pegasus 35

Running and Nike are two things everyone knows I am very passionate about. Running started as a tool for losing weight and getting in shape, but since my first run almost two years ago it has become so much more. Running has allowed me to challenge myself physically and mentally, but has also provided a safe space for my thoughts and a new confidence in the way I look and feel about myself. If I want to look and feel my best and reach my fitness goals, I'm looking no further than Nike for all of training gear and apparel needs. The Air Zoom Pegasus is one of Nike's most popular running shoes because it is created for runners of all skill levels. Whether you're just getting your running career started or have been running for years this is the shoe for you.

With that being said, you can imagine how incredibly over the moon I was when Nike reached out to me to help with the campaign launch for the Air Zoom Pegasus 35! I was so excited I could barely comprehend the message and had to read it several times to make sure I was reading it correctly! Nike wanted me to test out the Pegasus 35 and provide video feedback on my first run experience while wearing the new shoe. Easy peasy! 
Since its conception 35 years ago the Air Zoom Pegasus has undergone design face lifts to improve the technology and provide the best shoe for the runners that wear it. Nike went straight to the source when it came time to start thinking of the latest model of its OG running shoe, turning to feedback from athletes and consumers on how they could make this shoe better. 

The improvement to this shoe I'm loving the absolute most is the zoom air bag along the bottom of the shoe. It makes the shoe incredibly comfortable to run in and provides extra cushion and support for your feet. For me, this is important because when you wear an uncomfortable shoe you tend to be more aware of the run. Instead of focusing on challenging yourself by running a faster pace or longer distance or being able to enjoy the run itself you are constantly thinking about when it will end and the growing pain in your feet. Since I've been wearing the Pegasus 35 I've seen improvements in my mile pace and I've even started getting up at 5 AM to run because I'm excited to get going.

Now I know this won't be true for everyone; it takes a certain type of crazy to get up at 5 AM, but you get the point. This is a great shoe for runners and if you're looking for a new shoe or a way to get yourself moving I highly recommend this shoe to everyone. There are tons of new colorways and sizes are constantly being restocked. I'm already thinking about whay colorway I need next! Check out the video below to see why runners are loving the Pegasus 35! You might see someone familiar towards the end! ;) 

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