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Thursday, March 8, 2018

The Force is Female

There's something to be said for a woman who is totally and completely comfortable with being herself. It has often been considered rare as women have been naturally compelled to compare themselves to other women and even other men. But why do we do this to ourselves? Why do we seem to compare our road and our journey to that of someone else as validation? We're all guilty of it. As much as we try to stay in our lane, we have all been guilty of looking at each other as wishing we had something the other person has.

However, "a new day is on the horizon" (s/o to Oprah for those powerful words!). We're watching this really cool and amazing shift where women are building with each other and standing powerfully together more often than we are tearing each other down. And it's infectious. We're learning to inspire and support each other more freely and seeing other as a support system instead of competition. 

I gotta tell y'all I woke up this morning incredibly excited for today being International Women's Day because of the amount of love, support, and girl power that is taking over social media, the workplace, and simply among women everywhere. We all have different backgrounds and life situations, but this is the one day where we celebrate ourselves and each other for who we are individually and together. We celebrate the women who came before us and the women who continuously fight and advocate to make sure we all have a voice and are represented wherever we go.

Those rights allow us to be unapologetically and uniquely ourselves. From my own experience- if you don't know by now, I work in the sport industry. Specifically, I work in intercollegiate athletics. The sport industry is male dominant, as you can imagine. Up until 1982 women's intercollegiate athletic participation was not recognized by the NCAA and there were VERY few women working in this sector of the sport industry. Today over 14,000 women are employed within intercollegiate athletics! Over 36 years so much has changed and I have so many women's efforts to thank for my opportunity to work in an industry where I have the power to positively affect change.

Outfit Details
The Force Is Female T-shirt: Nike (sold out, similar styles here and here) // Jacket: Target // Jeans: Express // The Force Is Female AF1's: Nike

Now you're all wondering how the outfit ties into International Women's Day. I gotchu, we're almost there. The women's sneaker and sportswear world is on a serious come up. Brands, especially Nike, are huge proponents of equality and women's rights. Thus, Nike releases The Force Is Female collection (haha! there it is!) to show their support for women's rights in sport and as a whole. I support this movement as both an athlete and a woman working in sport. Those rights have paved the way for the life I live so if Nike is putting something out there you know I'm in!

Don't forget to be your beautiful selves today and always. Be who you want to be. Be the person your younger self needed. We each have so much to offer the world and it's our right and responsibility to love ourselves, to stand out, and to make sure the world sees us for who we are- a force to be reckoned with.


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