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Monday, March 12, 2018

Girls Day at City Scape Winery

 Day trips to a winery have become one my favorite things to do living in the Carolina's. I have so many great memories from visiting with friends and family and each one is special in different ways. I try to make a point to visit different ones each time I plan a day trip because each winery is so uniquely different and has its own distinct taste when it comes to how the grapes are harvested and how the wines are made. Today I want share a little bit about my most recent winery experience at City Scape Winery and why wineries are such a great day trip.
Like I mentioned earlier, no two wineries are ever the same. Therefore, no two experiences at any winery will every be the same either. I've been to three different ones so far in North Carolina and South Carolina and enjoyed each one for a different reason. One has an amazing food truck on site, one had a really intimate seating area for tasters, and another had a gorgeous outdoor patio (bet you can't guess which one that is!) Now in case you need a little more convincing as to why you should spend your next Saturday at your local winery, here are my top reasons:

The chance to try something new: I'm always about having new experiences and visiting a winery and doing a tasting is a great way to check that off of your list. Wineries are a hidden gem where you can easily spend an entire afternoon tasting different wines, picking at snacks, and enjoying the company of your friends and loved ones. And since no two wineries are ever the same, you'll have a new experience to take home each time.

Low budget afternoon outing: The wine tastings I have done have never cost me more than $25 (and that's with food included). You can do the tasting to decide what you like and then take turns buying a bottle to share among your friends. Many wineries are also open to customers bringing their own snacks to enjoy, which makes this an even more cost effective afternoon. 

Fun ways to celebrate: wineries are a great place to celebrate life's moments. Whether you're planning a birthday, a girls weekend, or a day date you can always count on a winery to deliver a fun and memorable experience that has something for all of your guests to enjoy. You can have a couple of bottles and snacks, tour the vineyard, and visit the surrounding towns as most vineyards are out in the country with small towns scattered about. 
Saturday is just 4 days away and the weather is supposed to be gorgeous. Sounds like the perfect excuse to hit up your local winery!


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