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Monday, March 19, 2018

A Cozy Spring Transition

 If you've been following along with me over the past couple of weeks, you'll recognize this sweater from my Birthday Wishlist. When I saw this sweater I instantly fell in love and was really hoping for it. Major props to my girl, Kourtney Kirby, for answering my spring wardrobe prayers! I don't feel like you can ever go wrong with a solid collection of neutrals in your closet. They're incredibly easy to style and can be worn many different ways. I'm also a fan of neutrals because they compliment my newly dark hair and VERY light skin tone well. I can easily throw neutrals on without fail or worry of how they'll look against my skin. It's probably a mostly mental thing, but nevertheless, olives, cremes, and blacks are a galore in my closet!
 Now y'all may be thinking 'it's just a cream sweater.' And you'd be right...mostly. But let me tell you why I'm loving this sweater so much already.

I am a huge fan of the neutral sweater, and this one in particular, because of its versatility. I can wear it now with jeans, but can easily switch it up with another pair of pants and shoes and have a totally different outfit and vibe. I had a sweater very similar to this one a couple of years ago that I absolutely loved and wore all of the time. Until it got too big. I was really sad the day I had to get rid of it so I'm very happy to have this go to neutral back in my closet. I wore this for the first time over the weekend and am already thinking of how I want to wear it next. I'm also loving this sweater because it's so soft and comfy. I'm telling y'all the fabrics used in Target's Universal Thread line are some of the best I've come across. I got several pieces for my birthday and when I tried each one on I instantly fell in love with the way they felt on me. If you haven't checked out their line online or at Target go and go now. The entire collection has so many great staple pieces that are perfect for every wardrobe!
Outfit Details
Sweater: Universal Thread for Target // Jeans: Loft // Booties: Lucky Brand // Necklace: (it's my Mom's, similar styles here and here)

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