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Monday, February 26, 2018

What's on My Birthday List

Your girl has a birthday coming up in a little over a week. Your girl also gave up shopping for Lent (quite possibly the hardest thing I've ever done). Today I'm sharing the items that have made my birthday list this year for two primary reasons: 1. To show y'all what I'm envisioning for my spring wardrobe 2. To provide some gift ideas for anyone who might be thinking 'what in the heck am I going to get Molly for her birthday?' Haha!

Now I think I'm a pretty easy person to shop for, especially for my birthday because the change of season means I'm updating my wardrobe for spring. Also, you can pick pretty much anything from a couple of my favorite websites- Nike, Target, Old Navy, H&M, Urban Outfitters- and pretty much bank on a winner. All that to say, here are the items that have made the top of my wishlist for the big 2-6:

1. Vera Bradley Large Duffel- I've been wanting, and needing really, a new duffel bag for when I'm traveling on weekends or as a carry on. The bags I currently own have seen brighter days so this made the top of my list.
2. J.Crew Venice Beach Graphic- I love some graphic t's, as y'all know, and this one will be perfect for spring and to wear into summer. I've already thought of a couple of different ways I can style it!
3. Target Universal Thread Short Sleeve Button Down- if you haven't checked out Target's new line, Universal Thread, do it and do it NOW! I could get anything from this line and be super happy because everything is so classic and versatile that there are tons of ways to wear one single piece.
4. H&M Vintage Slim Jeans- I've finally jumped on the vintage jean train and found this pair at H&M that match perfectly with what I envisioned in terms of style and color.
5. Urban Outfitters Oversize T-shirt- I put this on my spring transitions shopping guide because I love the colors for spring and summer. Lent started before I could buy it for myself so onto my birthday list it went!
6. Old Navy Sleeveless Striped Dress- I think this dress is so sweet and pretty for spring. And I always love a blue dress; goes well my skin and eye color!
7. Target Universal Thread Tunic Sweater- another Universal Thread piece. I had to get rid of a similar sweater that got way too big so I was really happy when I saw this online!
8. Urban Outfitters Culotte Pants- I keep buying more pants in so many different prints, but can't stop, won't stop. I love all of the patterns and colors.
9. Old Navy Jumpsuit- I have one or two jumpsuits in my closet and am excited to add more. I've found that a jumpsuit is really great for my wardrobe because I can easily dress it up for work week and dress it down for the weekends.
10. Target Universal Thread Cut Out Sandals- I have a couple of pairs of sandals that I'm ready to retire so these would be a great addition.
11. Nike The Force is Female Baseball T-shirt- THE FORCE IS FEMALE. Enough said.
12. Nike Classic Cortez- And y'all knew this list would not be complete without new sneakers. Come on! I love the Cortez's; they're probably one of my favorite shoes to wear. I am in need of a black and white shoe that isn't a pair of Vans because, ya know brand loyalty gets me every time.

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