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Wednesday, February 28, 2018

High Tops and Tech Gear

 Sometimes I amaze myself with how much my personal style has evolved and changed. I can remember days in high school where I so desperately wanted to be able to pull of a pair of high top sneakers, but had no semblance of where to start or how it would look. Thus, I shied away and prolonged the creation of the baby sneaker head I have since become. Fast forward 8(ish) years or so and it is a rare occasion where you DON'T find me in a pair of sneakers. I think one of the reasons I have always gravitated towards sneakers whether they be high tops, running shoes, or canvas is that each pair is unique to the individual and it's pretty rare, if it happens at all, that any two people love all of the same styles. 
Outfit Details
Top: Nike Tech Shirt (sold out, similar styles here and here) // Leather Jacket: Old Navy // Joggers: Target // Sneakers: Nike

The Force Is Female Air Force 1my first pair of high tops, are special to me because of the movement they represent and that they say a lot about me before anything else. While they speak to my personal preferences and style, this pair of AF1 also speak to my values and what I stand for. And I think it's really cool that a shoe says all of that without me having to say a single word. 

Styling this outfit allowed me to venture outside of my comfort zone a little bit and experiment with a look that I've seen so many women pull of seamlessly, but was not sure I could pull off myself. I was really excited to try something new and see whether I could execute this cross between atheisure and street style. All of the pieces were incredibly comfortable to wear, which for me, allows me to be confident in what I'm wearing and feel like a force (pun intended) when I walk out the door. Bottom line, you'll be seeing this female force combo a lot more often from here on out!

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