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Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Happy Valentine's Day

While I have spent nearly every Valentine's Day of my life single as a flamingo, there are still so many things I love about this holiday. Every year I have like 3, maybe 4 Valentine's, all of which find their own way to show me how they feel about me. It truly makes me feel very special and reminds of how blessed I am to have those relationships that are lasting and true. One of my long lasting Valentine's is, of course, my best friend, Chaneya. We have celebrated a record-setting 7 Valentine's Days together. It's become one of our things as friends.

Some years we've spent Valentine's Day shopping until we drop, some years we have had a group brunch or dinner with a bunch of girlfriends, but this year we decided to do a little GAL-entine's Day photo shoot since we both became lifestyle bloggers within the past year. It was really fun to do this together seeing as how we've shot each other's posts several times, but have never gotten in front of the camera together. Going through these photos made me laugh because both of our styles and personalities shine very brightly through them. While they show the many ways in which Chaneya and I are different, they also show how our dynamic works. And how we've remained friends for over 7 years.

I think it's easy to have a negative opinion of Valentine's Day since it's such a romanticized holiday. It's all to easy to see commercials on television, the Valentine's Day section at Target, even Harris Teeter last night when I needed an avocado, and feel like cupid missed you again. I like to think, however, that there is more than one way to celebrate this holiday. You can celebrate it with your significant other, with your GAL-entines and Valentines, or by showing yourself some self love. I know I am guilty of getting so caught up in life that I can forget to show the people I love that I care about and appreciate the joy they bring to it. I know I can also forget to show myself some love. 

Now you may be wondering how exactly you can show yourself some love this Valentine's Day. My solution is simple- do something, anything that you know you love to do for yourself. If you follow me on Instagram or Snapchat you may have seen a certain box with a beautiful pair of sneakers show up at my house last week. Well those were my Valentine's Day gift to myself. And today, I'm going to make sure all of Valentines this year know how much I love and appreciate them. Amazing friends and amazing shoes- the key to this girl's hear.

Happy Valentine's Day!

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