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Friday, February 23, 2018

5 Places You Have to Brunch in Atlanta

In my humble opinion the breakfast course of a meal can and should be served morning, noon, and night. I promise you I have eaten eggs and turkey sausage or pancakes and every hour of the day, and have loved every minute of the meal. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that I am a huge fan of the in between meal known as brunch. A sure way to always get me to accept an invitation out to eat is to tell me we're going to get brunch. You name the time and place, and I will surely be in attendance.

Every city has some type of brunch scene thanks to use millennials, and Atlanta is no exception. On my most recent trip I stopped in at one of my favorite brunch spots, Radial Cafe. I stumbled across this gem a few years ago while planning a brunch for a few of my girlfriends. What attracted me to Radial Cafe was that all of the ingredients are farm to table, which means they are both fresh and bought locally. And as you all know I am very aware of the types of food I put into my body and want to give it the best food I can. Radial Cafe is one of my favorite restaurants for brunch in Atlanta because I can always find something that is good and good for me. In additional to Radial Cafe, I'm rounding out four of my other must-try brunch places around Atlanta for your next Saturday morning brunch fest!

1. Radial Cafe- like I mentioned, everything is farm to table. They also have tons of unique dishes that are TO. DIE. FOR. I promise you will not go wrong with any entree you order from this restaurant.

2. The Nook- this cute tavern right outside Piedmont Park is also one of my favorites because of its great location and awesome menu. Not only do they make awesome brunch cocktails, but they are home to 'totchos,' a tater tot version of nachos. Get that Sunday morning run in and then treat yourself to a great brunch that you definitely will have worked hard for! Haha! They also have a great outdoor patio that makes being so close to the park and all of the greenery that much more enjoyable.

3. Another Broken Egg Cafe- this cafe is conveniently located of Peachtree in Buckhead so, before you hit the ground running to shop on Saturday afternoon, start your day with a delicious omelet or one of their sweet stacks of pancakes. I tried this place over 4th of July last summer with two of my girl friends and we all loved that the menu had so many options for each of our preferences. And they served chicken fingers during brunch, which was a MUST for this crowd! Haha

4. Thumbs Up Diner- this restaurant speaks to the southern girl inside me that loves her some southern cooking. Having grown up on the west coast, it wasn't until I moved to Georgia and, really not until I got into college, that I fully embraced southern cooking. They have several 'build your own breakfast' options, which makes this a sure win. Thumbs Up Diner also has an amazing side dish called spuds, which is a mix of potatoes, green peppers, and onion along with Thumps Up's special seasonings. I remember the first time I went I did get any and ended up eating half of my friend, Erin's, plate. They were so good!

5. Flying Biscuit Cafe- and last, but certainly not least, Flying Biscuit is my final sure win for brunch this weekend. Everything on the menu look delicious, and the scrambles are my personal favorite. I love starting my morning with eggs and lots of veggies so any scramble that gives me those two things is a win in my book. 

Be sure to check out one of these places if you're in Atlanta and have a great weekend!

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