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Wednesday, January 10, 2018

What's in My Carry On Bag

After dropping a clue on Monday that my first adventure of 2018 was around the corner, here is another BLATANT indicator that this jet setter is ready to rock and roll. As I get ready to head out today, yes today!!, one of the most important things I had to pack was my carry on bag. Whenever I travel there are a couple of things that always make it on to my packing chest list because I know if I forget them I'll be kicking myself all the way through the airport. My Nike SB Backpack (last seen here and here) is probably the best carry on. It has all kinds of nifty pockets for storage to make sure my essentials make it and are organized because nothing is worse that feeling flustered and unorganized trying to go through TSA. Am I right? Check out the rest of my carry on necessities below!


1. Nike SB Backpack- great backpack for travel because it's not too bulky, which means it doesn't get too heavy walking through the airport. It also has lots pockets and storage to keep everything organized and its place.

2. Day Planner- I don't know if it's just me, but some of my best ideas or random reminders come at the most inconvenient times so I've started carrying my planner everywhere with me. If I come up with a cool idea or need to remind myself to do something later I have it written down to refer back to, ya know, when my flight isn't boarding.

3. iPad Pro- the first reaction I always get when I pull out my iPad is something like, "wow, that thing is massive." Yes, yes it is. I invested in the iPad Pro last winter because my Macbook just doesn't travel like she used to. When I say she doesn't travel, she doesn't leave my apartment. EVER. This is great to have with me because I can catch up on TV shows or reply to e-mails and feel like I'm using a computer..because the screen is the same size. 

4. Nikon COOLPIX L340- this a great camera to travel with because it doesn't take up too much room in my carry on. It takes great photos and is easy to take pretty much anywhere I'll go while traveling.

5. Shoe Dog- one of my favorite Christmas gifts this year; I can't put this book down. I always make sure to have a really good read for when I'm on the plane as it definitely makes the time fly by! And not because it's boring, but a good book often helps me to fall asleep on the plane.

6. Simply Stacked Bag- one of my other favorite Christmas gifts this year is this bag. If you can't tell, those are shoe boxes stacked on top of each other. Very fitting, right? This bag will be great for keeping all of my chargers and important items organized and in the same place. 

7. Sunglasses- let's just say where I'm headed I'll be needing these for sure!

8. Apple EarPods- I always need these when I go anywhere, let alone travel. Fun fact about my travel routine- I listen to Chance the Rapper's Coloring Book album anytime I'm traveling. It's my absolute favorite!

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