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Wednesday, January 24, 2018

5 Musts for Your First Time at Disneyland

Happy Wednesday everybody! I'm really excited about today's post because I am finally sharing some of my trip to California from earlier this month. I had an amazing time living my best life on my favorite coast- I spent time with family, did some shopping, of course, and also did some sight seeing. Today I'm sharing one of my FAVORITE parts of the trip. Yes, I paid a visit to the happiest place on earth! I went to Disneyland!

I love Disneyland because I have so many wonderful memories with my family and friends that I am taken back to every time I visit. Having grown up on the western half of the country I visited Disneyland before Disney World. While, yes they are similar, there is something special about going to Walt Disney's original masterpiece for all of the Disney things. This trip to Disneyland was especially fun and special because it was the first time for one of my best friends, JD. We had so much fun and I got to play tour guide and make sure we hit all of the highlights at Disneyland. Having said that, I thought today's post would be a fun opportunity to talk about the top five MUSTS when you visit Disneyland for the first time: 

Musts for Your First Time at Disneyland

1. Ride Space Mountain in Tomorrowland- JD's favorite part of  the whole day because he loves some roller coasters and he loves to give me anxiety. I have a love-hate relationship with this ride because it scares me to death until I'm actually on it and loving every minute. The waits are ALWAYS long, but it's definitely worth. Oh, and get a max pass so you can skip the line.
2. Eat a Churro from a vendor in Adventureland- Lord I love churros, and the one at Disneyland is just so good you can't help, but get one. Plus it makes for a great distraction when waiting in line for rides.
3. Take your picture outside Cinderella's Castle- because everyone needs the classic 'MTV welcome to my crib' photo for their first visit.
4. Ride Indiana Jones in Adventureland- this ride is also a ton of fun because you get to ride in a jeep and feel like you're actually in an Indiana Jones movie. The sets are so cool and authentic, which makes it all the more real. This is another ride you'll be happy to have the max pass for!
5. Take a picture with the Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse statue- because it all started with a man and a mouse.


Thanks to @geezus.nephew for collaborating on this post and doing all of the Disneyland things with me.

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