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Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Workout Wednesday: Holiday Edition

Hey y'all! We have a great workout coming at ya today, but first I want to talk about one of my favorite parts of fitness and training- gear and apparel. With winter rearing her ugly head for the first time this week I think this is the perfect opportunity to talk to y'all about some of my favorite cold weather gear. This time of year it is difficult enough to be motivated to brace the cold air for a workout. However, one of my saving graces has been having weather appropriate gear to keep me warm on my runs and to prevent me from getting sick. Here are a couple of my must haves for winter training:

A warm jacket it possibly one of the most crucial things for me. The biggest determinant for me is one that is light weight, but also warm and full covers my upper body. Nothing is worse that getting sick in the winter and a jacket like this one will keep you from getting the sniffles. The other feature I always pay attention to in a running hoodie or jacket is the hand holes where you can insert your thumbs to keep the majority of your hand protected from the elements.

I promise y'all, if I could live in tights all of my dreams would come true! These tights are perfect for the cooler weather not only because they are designed specifically for training, but Nike also incorporated the 'hyper warm' component. These tights have a thin layer of fleece on the inside that keeps you warm without getting too hot during your workout. I took these to Michigan with me this past Thanksgiving and they were perfect for that brisk, 25 degree morning run.

I've had several pairs of running shoes from several different brands, but no running shoe does it for me like the Pegasus. They are incredibly comfortable and durable and great for my runs whether I'm on a treadmill or hitting the pavement. These are at the top of my wishlist because of a new added feature called 'the shield.' The mesh on these Pegasus are water resistant, which is IDEAL for this time of year when rain and snow seek to reek havoc on any workout routine. These will be one of my next running shoe purchases, and then nothing will be able to stop my runs!

Now that I've given you some of the best picks for winter weather training, check out today's workout! Get after it today and don't let these cold temps stop your progression!

Special thanks to @geezus.nephew for collaborating with me on this series.

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