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Monday, December 4, 2017

Gotta Love Sneakers and a Graphic Tee

Outfit Details
Graphic T-shirt: Boohoo (sold out, similar styles here and here) // Denim Jacket: Old Navy // Pants: Forever 21 // Sneakers: Nike

Ya know it's funny, if you told me a year ago that wearing pants and sneakers to work would be in my future I would've laughed and told you that you were crazy. I have always loved wearing a cute dress or skirt to work, but recently I have drifted away from that style and have more pairs of pants hanging in my closet than anything else. 

My sense of style has evolved so much in the past year, which is evident by the 5 or 6 closet clean outs I have done, and I truly love the way my everyday style has changed. I always used to stay in my comfort zone when it came to my style and the looks I put together. However, I've found it to be much more fun to think outside the box, try new styles, and in some instances allow my friends, with different styles than my own, help me in putting together my outfits. Not to get too philosophical on y'all on a Monday morning, but it's kind of cool to see changes in yourself occur over the course of a year. Even if those changes are as small as your style of dress, it shows evolution and growth and I think that's pretty damn cool. We go through days, weeks, and months of daily routines without noticing any difference, but then look back on a year and see what we've become.

Just some food for thought for one of the remaining Monday's of 2017. If you haven't yet made a change to your day to day or your life in general and you've been thinking about it or wanting to, I encourage you to do so. It's only when we jump into any kind of unknown or new-ness that we get to see what we're made of.  

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