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Friday, November 17, 2017

Happy Birthday Campbell

Have y'all ever met someone who you INSTANTANEOUSLY became best friends with? Well if I was asked to describe my friendship with Layne, that's what I would say. Within the first week of knowing each other we were three sheets to the wind in a bar singing our hearts out to the Spice Girls and Backstreet Boys. It's weird to think that I've only been friends with this girl for a little over a year because we're so close and know so much about each other. I think Kourtney and I can both agree wholeheartedly that Layne's husband, Nick, coming to work with us at Western Carolina was one of the best things that happened in the two years we worked there. 

On any given day we could expect Layne to come in after work and have so many hilarious stories to tell us about her day as a teacher at the local elementary school. And those stories, or any stories she had to tell in general, could make your entire day. I called Layne and Nick my mom and dad because the three of us did so much together and their back and forth banter often reminded me of my own parents! We ate dinner together, watched all of our favorite TV shows together (thank God for DVR with our work schedules!); we even did our grocery shopping together. 

Having Layne as a friend has truly been one of the best things to happen. Layne is one of the most caring and supportive people I know and no matter what I'm going through, she's always been there for me. Kourtney, Layne, and I have so much fun together as you can see from the photo above and we are constantly laughing and sarcastically saying 'it's fine' to everything. I can remember one of our many trips to Asheville, most likely to shop for something, where we said 'its fine' 21 times in my telling one story. We all share the same sense of humor, which makes any person's encounter with the three of us incredibly entertaining. And I'm sure a couple of people are nodding in agreement as they're reading this sentence.

Layne, on your 26th Birthday, I sincerely hope you get everything you wish for because you 100% deserve it. Thank you for being such an amazing friend to me and always having my back. I feel so blessed to have met you and become as close as we are and I truly can't imagine living life without your sarcastic humor, constant 'it's fines,' and support of my shopping habits. Thank you for picking up the phone whenever I need to chat or vent and for making me laugh when I was crying 5 seconds beforehand. Here's to many more hilarious and memorable times together. I have a pretty solid feelings we're just getting started. I hope you do a bunch of fun things to celebrate today and wish I could be there to join in on the shenanigans. Love you to the moon and back and peace and blessings for another year!

P.S. If you're crying right now, just wait until you open my card.

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