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Thursday, October 26, 2017

Tracks Bazzar Food Truck Park

I am a true foodie at heart and like any other foodie, I love trying new dishes that are native to another country. Not only does trying new cuisines get me outside of my tastebuds comfort zones, but it's also incredibly fun! Food truck parks and festivals are the perfect place to try out new types of cuisine because I can try out an entire meal at a relatively low cost.

Recently, Greensboro put together its own food truck park from an abandoned piece of land in the Southside of downtown. The park has local, unique street art, picnic tables, an old windmill in the center where tons of lights hang and light the entire park. When I read about the Tracks Bazzar Food Truck Park a couple of months ago I knew it would be the perfect way to spend the evening when Chaneya came to visit a couple of weekends ago.
Chaneya loves food almost as much as I do so when we got to Tracks Bazzar we decided to do a walk through the park to see which trucks were serving which kinds of food. After taking a lap we were still so conflicted on which truck to order from. Everything looked so delicious and, truthfully, we wanted one of everything. However, we decided to try food from a cuisine we had never had before. I went straight for the Jamaican food truck while Chaneya head towards the truck serving Korean BBQ. I was super excited to try Jamaican food! I had heard so many of my friends say how good it was, but had never had the opportunity to try it until now.
Chaneya and I had such a fun time at the Track Bazzar Food Truck on the first night of her weekend trip to Greensboro. We can always count on each other to try new things and just go along with whatever the other wants to do, which is a true sign of a great best friend. I was really happy she was able to check out my new city and see some of the cool events that take place around downtown. 

Tracks Bazzar is currently a monthly event, but the owners are hoping to make it more of a regularity as popularity increases. If you're ever in town or live near by on the first weekend of month be sure to check out Tracks Bazzar!

302 W. Gate City Blvd.
Greensboro, NC 27406

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