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Thursday, October 19, 2017

3 Tips for Fall Home Decor

As I've gotten older and rented several of my homes and apartments, one of the really fun things to do has been to decorate my home for different holidays. Holiday decor provides a nice switch up in the everyday that allows me to purchase some unique pieces.

I have been lucky that my mom and her two sisters love to decorate for the holidays, as well. When they are changing up their decor they always set aside the pieces they are no longer using for me to pick through and add to my decor collection. They also love to send me new things they see in their favorite stores. One year my aunt sent me this cute reindeer at Christmas to put underneath my Christmas tree (which had also been gifted from my other aunt with ornaments in tow). She thought it was the cutest little reindeer and that I had to have it to decorate for Christmas. I love my little reindeer and look forward to putting him out at Christmas time.

My mom came to visit just last week and commented on how cute my apartment looked for fall. When she asked where I got this or that my answer was either from you or from Aunt Kate!
Decorating the house for holidays allows me to add my own personal touches based on my style and taste. I love going through the home section of my favorite to see what's new and whether there's something that would look perfect in my apartment. For example, when I go to Target I always make sure to take a lap through the home and kitchen section to see what's on sale or clearance that is also on my list of pieces I want or have been needing.
I think there a big misconception that decorating your house for the holidays is incredibly expensive, which is why I'm giving you 3 tips for decorating and keeping budget friendly:

1. Shop around. You don't always have to shop at the big name brand home store in order to find cute pieces. There are so many different stores that has even the smallest home decor section that can make the shopping experience easy and affordable. One of the most underrated stores, I think, for shopping home decor is Michael's Craft Store. We almost never think to go there, but they have a legit home decor section. And they always have 40-50% off coupons so you'll never pay full price.

2. You don't have to buy out a store's entire holiday collection. Most stores stage all of the holiday decor, which makes shoppers think they need to buy EVERYTHING. You don't. Be selective with your choices and only buy the pieces you can picture having a place in your home. That last thing you want to do is buy a whole bunch of stuff that literally just sits in the box all year.

3. Stick to your personal preferences. If you absolutely love witches at Halloween like my mom does or having a colorful Christmas tree like I do then go on and buy those super fun ornaments! Don't buy something simply because it's on trend for the season or is a good price. Buy the pieces you actually like and that will make your house feel more like a home around the holidays.
Now that y'all are equipped with tips for shopping holiday, what are you going to add to your home or apartment?!


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