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Friday, September 22, 2017

My Fall Bucket List

I know I probably sound like every blogger under the Tuscan Sun today, but it's finally the day I've been anticipating for weeks...the first day of fall! Fall is truly my favorite time of year. When I was younger and living in Arizona, where change of seasons did not exist, fall meant one thing. It was time for Michigan football. I was a rather lucky 9 year old that I got to fly on an airplane from Arizona to Michigan at least twice during the fall to go to games with my dad. I always loved arriving in Michigan and feeling the crisp, cool air and seeing the leaves falling on the roads and in peoples' yards. It was so picturesque. I got my love for fall from my mom too as it her favorite time of year, as well. Growing up our house was the only one that decorated for Halloween with lights on the house and everything. The woman had almost as many boxes for fall and Halloween decor as she did for Christmas. I think that's where my love for fall probably originated. 

Every year there are so many fall-ish things I want to do, but I normally only end up doing a third of them. This year I want to change that. Living in Greensboro I am so close to so many cool towns and cities where I've already found lots of fun things to do to immerse myself in the season. One of my favorite things about fall is that it's a season of celebration and the people you have in your life. That is true this year more than ever! In the next couple of weeks I have my friend, Mary's wedding shower, a trip to Ann Arbor with my dad, Chaneya's birthday, and Kourtney's bachelorette party. And that's just in October! November is shaping up to be just as busy with my mom, Tamilia, Layne, and my sister, Alli's, birthday all before Thanksgiving. Oh, and Thanksgiving. My single most favorite holiday on the entire calendar, which shouldn't surprise all of you since you know how much I love food and cooking. This already has me wanting to get a jumpstart on my bucket list!

What's on y'all bucket list for fall?

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