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Wednesday, September 6, 2017

I Didn't Choose the Swoosh Life, the Swoosh Chose Me

It's the moment we know y'all have all been waiting for: the Nike twins are finally going to talk about all things Nike. Haha. Now this post is near and dear to my heart because 1. y'all know I am obsessed with all of the Nike things and 2. I got to do this shoot with my best friend and Mr. Nike himself.

Both of us love Nike, but it's interesting because our reasons for loving this particular brand over others is somewhat different. We've both been wearing Nike since we were young athletes. However, as an adult the thing that keeps me loyal to Nike is the vested interest they take in their customers. Not only do I wear their training gear, sportswear, and shoes, but I also use the Nike Run Club app, the Nike Training Center app, and my Apple Nike+ watch on a daily basis to help me train better and live a healthy life. And JD...well he works for Nike so he lives and breathes everything Nike stands for everyday and loves the impression that is left when people see the swoosh.
The art of sportswear and 'atheisure' can be an intimidating style trend that dances a fine line when it comes to execution. My perception of it is that you want to look put together and cool without trying too hard. Your ensemble should say 'I came for the everyday, but let me know when y'all are ready to get in some miles or run it back.' 
While I think we are influenced by each other's sense of style, we realized how much our preferences and which pieces we are attracted to is different. JD loves his colors and patterns. I love all of the neutrals and darker section of the color wheel. But we both can agree that we love what we love. And that's really important when creating a sportswear wardrobe; you can't emulate someone else's style. You can pull inspiration, but in the end it's all about find the pieces that make you do a double take and that you immediately realize you CANNOT live without them.

It's also important to differentiate between the types of pieces that build your sportswear arsenal. Sportswear pieces are made much differently than workout pieces. Sportswear pieces are created from higher quality fabrics and are designed to fit closer to your body the way the rest of your clothes would. Conversely, workout gear is much more light and loose-fitting because you are going to be actively moving and you don't want to feel constricted. And while it's important to have both, especially if you're active, you want your sportswear to have those different quality fabrics and designs in order to make them cohesive with the rest of your wardrobe.
With a new season right around the corner, it was damn near impossible for us to pick just a couple of things that we won't be able to live without. Let's face it, we want everything and we'll get pretty close to making that goal happen one way or another. The #1 thing on our wishlists though is, oddly enough, something the other one already has. I NEED, like REALLY NEED a pair of the Nike Vapor Max Shoes. JD has finally hoped on the Apple Watch Nike+ train and just "really needs it in his life."

Some of the other things we are loving are the Nike Tech releases for fall, which include the Men's Tech Fleece Windrunner and Joggers and the Women's Tech Fleece Destroyer and Pants. The design of this fall's collection is nothing less than what you would expect and those colorways are just everything.
You hear a lot of people say they don't do brands or that branding doesn't matter. That's clearly not the case here. Trends and styles come and go so quickly in the fashion world, which is why we think it IS important to find a brand that you love and can count on to always find something you love. I can't articulate it in the way I would like, but it's something about loyalty. Loyalty not just to the swoosh or to having the newest Jordan's or Free Run's, but a loyalty to yourself and that you care about the way you look and feel in the pieces you put on your back. Whether or not you realize, your clothes are a reflection of you and speak volumes before you even open your mouth. And that's why our clothes and shoes have a swoosh on them. *drops mic*

Outfit Details:
T-shirt: Nike (exclusive to the NYC headquarters, similar style here) // Pants: Nike Sportswear Modern Joggers (sold out, similar styles here and here) // Sneakers: Nike Lab Air Max Plus // Sunglasses: Raybans

Top: Nike Sportswear Short Sleeve Top // Jeans: Target // Sneakers: Nike Classic Cortez // Watch: Apple Watch Nike+ // Sunglasses: Target

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