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Monday, September 25, 2017

Fall TV Show Must Watch List

Y'all this is one of the weeks of television that takes place all year! Like it is up there with March Madness and the week college football comes back. This year there are so many good shows returning and premiering that you almost need a strategic plan in order to catch everything. To make sure y'all don't miss the best shows, I have put together a 'must watch' list so set your DVR, renew your Hulu subscription, and get the popcorn ready! It's Premiere Week!

The Good Doctor premieres September 25th on ABC @ 10/9c

 I have really high hopes for The Good Doctor. It is set around a young doctor who is a pediatric surgeon with autism. In the first episode a fierce debate arises between the president of San Jose St. Bonaventure and the hospital directors as to whether a person who struggles to relate to other people is capable of saving lives. I think this show will be both interesting and an excellent learning opportunity for so many of us who are not as aware of disabilities.

This Is Us premieres September 26th on NBC @ 9/8c

If you did not watch this show when it premiered last fall, you really missed out. Luckily, you have 36 hours to binge watch the entire first season. Before this show premiered I remember saying how much I missed shows in the late 2000s that were about families and that were relatable. Enter This Is Us. It's very real and relatable and truly a show that you just love to love. And that doesn't even do it justice so you'll just have to watch.

Law & Order True Crime: The Menendez Murders premieres September 26th on NBC @ 10/9c

I've been a Law and Order fan since I can remember. I've watched every spin-off that Dick Wolf has created so I'm interested to see how he takes a real event and translates it to TV. For those of you who haven't heard of this show or the crime associated with it, the Menendez brothers were convicted of killing their parents and claimed sexual abuse and self defense as their defense.

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit premieres September 27th on NBC @ 9/8c

Longest running show on television. Olivia Benson. Do you need any further explanation?

Designated Survivor premieres September 27th on ABC @ 10/9c

This show is addicting, and it's only the second season. Designated Survivor brings to light the idea of who would run the country if everyone else was killed in an attack on the country. The designated survivor is named president as he tries to uncover who committed this attack and run the country. This show is so good and I'll be bouncing around every Wednesday night between this one Criminal Minds and Chicago PD.

Will & Grace premieres September 28th on NBC @ 9/8c

I was really young when Will and Grace originally aired. I have started watching the original episodes on the NBC app and I die of laughter. No lie. I have been laughing out loud in bed the past couple of nights at the comedy and sarcasm. It's such a fun and light-hearted show and I think we need more sitcom comedies on television. I am so excited to watch this show as an adult!

The Mayor premieres premieres October 3rd on ABC @ 9/8c

I really hope this show will be as funny as it looks in the previews. This sitcom is about a young, struggling rapper in Los Angeles who decides to generate buzz for his career by running for mayor. And then he wins and has to learn how to actually be the mayor!

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