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Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Sending a Care Package 101

I think anyone who has ever received a gift from me for any one occasion can agree- she knows her stuff. This is one of the moments where my observant nature and memory really shines and isn't confused for RBF or a lack of attentiveness. Care packages are my favorite thing to prepare and send because I can include almost any favorites of the person receiving the package with 100% certainty that they will love every item. I put a lot of thought and effort into my care packages, so much that it has become a bit of an art. And the best part is when the receiver opens their box and then tells me how much they loved every single thing. It's like, "YES! MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!" Today, I'm sharing my tips for sending the ultimate care package!
Tip #1: Send things you know they need. If the person you are sending a care package to needs supplies for a project or has a trip their planning for or needs supplies for keeping their life organized get them a couple of essentials. You don't necessarily have to get ALL of the things, but grab the things you think they'll be most likely to use on repeat.
Tip #2: Always, always, always send snacks. Who doesn't love a box full of their favorite food? If you know the person's favorites always send them. It'll put the biggest smile on their face and make their stomach happy too!
Tip #3: Add something you know their bound to love. If the person you're sending the package to has an obsession with bow ties or needs a pick me up to remind them how awesome they are or would love a copy of the book you've been reading send it. This is your moment to show how well you really know the person because they won't be expecting it, which will make them love it even more.
Tip #4: Find the perfect size box. This arrangement was pure luck. Shout out to myself for ordering new running shoes a couple of days earlier!
Tip #5: Throw in a sweet note to remind the person of how much they mean to you and let them know this box is just a small demonstration of that. Add in a funny inside joke and tell them to have an amazing week and you'll be golden!

I hope you guys will use these tips next time you decide to do something sweet for a person you love!

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