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Thursday, August 10, 2017

Advocare Cleanse: Day #1

I know it's getting late, but for today's post it only seemed appropriate that I wrote at the end of the day. As many know I have been an Advocare user for a little over a year now. I live and die by its products and the positive affects it can have on your life from a fitness and wellness standpoint.

One of the pivotal parts of making the most of Advocare's products and the lifestyle its helps to create is utilizing the Herbal Cleanse System. The Herbal Cleanse System is designed to give your body a fresh start. The products clean out your body and rid you of the junk sitting in the pit of your stomach so that, after the cleanse, your body is full equipped to absorb the nutrients you need to live a healthy lifestyle. I utilize the Herbal Cleanse every 3 months. And it's always funny in the days leading up to it that I'm not only meal prepping and ordering my products, but I'm also preparing to be strict with myself for 10 days by having a couple of my favorite cheats. Haha

Now y'all know me so you know I love food and I love to eat. This IS NOT one of those cleanses where you just drink liquids or juices. No, no, no. This type of cleanse focuses on eating healthy and balanced meals and snacks in conjunction with the cleanse products. If you read my A Day of Healthy Eating post from a couple of weeks ago that is what the cleanse menu is similar to. The whole cleanse process takes place over the course of 10 days, during which time the 3 key products perform a major cleaning on your body and allow you to start anew on day 11. There are other products, such as the incredibly popular Spark, that can be taken in conjunction with the Herbal Cleanse products. However, the core of the cleanse rests on the 3 main products.

I'll keep you guys updated on how I am progressing through the Herbal Cleanse over the next 10 days! In the meantime if you have any questions or want to learn more shoot me an e-mail or text!

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