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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Workout Wednesday: Week #5

This week marks our last week of the Workout Wednesday series. It makes me sad that I won't be sharing my tips, tricks, and workouts on the blog anymore, but I hope you all have enjoyed them and maybe participated in some of the workouts I've done over the past several weeks.

When I decided to do this series I never imagined that I would gain as much out of it as I have. Posting my workouts for y'all to do with me has really motivated me to push through that last set of split squats or run that extra mile. This past Sunday I experienced one of my biggest fitness gains since...EVER! As many know I participate in Nike's Just Do It Sunday, which encourages running and logging a 5k on Sunday's on the app in exchange for the chance to win a free pair of shoes. In addition to regularly running a 5k one of my friends challenged me to run it in 28 minutes. Mind you, I usually run it in about 30-32 minutes so I had to have off anywhere from 2-3 minutes. This might not sound like a lot, but it's a small act of Congress.

However, I can't say no to these challenges and deep down I appreciate them. This past Sunday I ran a 5k in 28:29! I didn't make the goal- stupid stop lights- but that was the fastest I've ever run a 5k. I was so proud of myself, but it left me wanting more. Now I can't wait for next Sunday to see if I can get a little close to the goal time.
At the end of the day, this is what fitness and training is all about- set goals and working to attain and surpass them. If you've ever wondered what makes me hit the pavement so early no matter how hot or cold it is, that's just it. There's a certain satisfaction is achieving something you thought was going to be impossible. It lights a fire and leaves you only wanting more! 

Today's workout is probably going to brutal, but use the difficulty and the challenges to motivate you to complete it and be able to walk out of the gym saying, YEAH, I JUST DID THAT!

Get after it today!
💜 Molly

Special thanks to my trainer @geezus.nephew for collaborating with me on this series.

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