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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Top 5 Tips for Getting Organized

 Happy Humpday everybody! It's that time of year again- the back to school ads are flooding our e-mails and popping up during the commercials breaks of our favorite summer series. While I may not be in school anymore, I always use this time as an opportunity to hit the restart button and reorganize my life. It can be really easy to let our schedules be 'foot loose and fancy free' in the summer. However, it is equally important to not allow ourselves to neglect our responsibilities as a result. Today, I am giving my top 5 tips for hitting that restart button and getting organized!
Tip #1: GET A PLANNER! Yes, I do mean an actual notebook with pages and a spiral. With today's technology it can be really easy to rely on a smart phone to manage our lives. However, that should not be the end all, be all. What are you going to do when your iPhone goes out of commission and looses a to do list e-mail from your boss or forgets to remind you about your dentist appointment. By writing these things down in a planner you have a hard copy place where you can find everything, especially when modern technology isn't working with you.

Tip #2: We all have bills that reoccur every month right? At the beginning of the month go through your bills and write down their due dates in the month section of your planner and on the actual day they are due. The more places you see it written down, the less likely you are to forget and earn a late fee.

Tip #3: Make your to do list. Many planners come with a section at the beginning of each new month that allows you to make lists of things you have to do, people you need to call, and things you need to buy. Utilize that to the fullest! You'll be more likely to remember to call your grandparents or avoid impulsive purchases if you have it written down to remind you of want you need to do or buy.

Tip #4: Color code. Is there something you always seem to forget to do every month and end up kicking yourself when you realize you forgot? Write those things down in a different color that will jump of the page when you see it. You'll be less likely to forget if it stands out to you.

Tip #5: Set goals for yourself. If there's a really expensive item you want, a trip you're planning, or are you trying to be more responsible with your time and money? Use your planner to make it happen. Set achievable markers of what you would like to happen and in what time frame. You'll be more likely to achieve it if you have a method for holding yourself accountable to that goal.

I know I'll be using my own advice to get my life together! I hope you will too!
💜 Molly

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