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Monday, July 10, 2017

Run Forrest

Y'all knew it was coming; you've seen me sporting these babies all over Instagram, Snapchat, or in person. Some call it an obsession; I like to think of it as loyalty, but my love for the swoosh is alive and well as I'm FINALLY debuting my new favs- my Nike Cortez's. 

You may remember these from my Wardrobe Must Haves for June. Just know, I take my shopping lists very seriously. If something makes that list it will find a home with me and these shoes were no exception. I fell in love with these sneakers when they released at the beginning of June because they are a fun twist on such a classic shoe. The gold swoosh and accents are my favorite part and, while I wavered between several other color ways, the gold kept calling me back. 
I knew these sneakers were worth purchasing because of their versatility as it pertains to my personal style. You've noticed that I can go from being super feminine like I was here or here to super cool and casual like I was here or here. I really enjoy getting dressed up and throwing on a cute pair of heels, but nine times out of ten my instinct is to throw on a cute pair of canvas or lace up sneakers. I love the idea of incorporating sneakers into almost any outfit and wearing them whether I'm dressed up or down. The Cortez's will also be very transitional from season to season, which means you'll be seeing a lot more of these shoes throughout the fall. 

Having a go to pair of comfy sneakers is essential to any wardrobe, at least in my opinion, because they are easy to pair with almost any outfit and can be your 'throw on and go' shoes when you need them. If you're anything like me there's a 98.7% chance they'll become your favorites and you'll be constantly looking for new ways to incorporate them into your everyday style. If you haven't checked out the new color ways Nike put together for the Cortez's this summer be sure to check it out here and get yourself a pair ASAP!
Outfit Details:
Sneakers: Nike // Dress: Gap Factory // Sunglasses: Gap

💜 Molly

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