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Friday, July 7, 2017

A Graphic Tee and Some Rainbow Sprinkles

If you know me, you know I am a sucker for a cute graphic tee. It doesn't matter how many I have hanging in my closet; if I see one and I'm digging the aesthetic it's coming home with me. TODAY. Graphic tees used to congregate on the clearance racks at any store. I can't pin point when it changed, but now it's like you have to get them as soon as they hit the shelves otherwise you might miss your chance to snag your favorite.

I love graphic tees because they add personality to any outfit and are a fun way to describe yourself without even having to say anything. For example, in this post I am wearing a graphic tee with lots of icons representing New York City and San Francisco.  I love to travel and I love big cities. With so many different kinds of people, food, and culture, big cities encompass all of my favorites. New York is at the top of my travel bucket list for this summer or coming fall. I have been saving wherever I can and dropping any extra money into my travel fund. I can hardly wait for some of the trips I am working towards and can't wait to take you guys along for my adventures!

P.S. If you're in the Greenville area make a stop at the Simpsonville Ice Cream Station! The ice cream was so delicious and perfect for a hot summer day! It's also super affordable- my cone was less than $2! Totally worth an extra mile on the treadmill!

Outfit Details:
New York Graphic Tee: Old Navy (sold out, similar styles here and here) // Shorts: Old Navy // Denim Jacket: Old Navy // Sandals: LC Lauren Conrad for Kohl's // Sunglasses: H&M

💜 Molly

125 S. Main Street
Simpsonville, SC 29618

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