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Friday, July 28, 2017

Friday Favorites

I'm trying this new thing this week I'm calling 'Friday Favorites.' I'm on some type of media at so many different points throughout the day and I see really cool recipes, photos, quotes etc. that I want to share. Let me know what y'all think of this and maybe it'll become a regular thing! Have a great weekend!

Favorite New Store: Thrive Market

If Costco and Whole Foods had a baby it would be Thrive Market. It's a new online store with all of the health-conscious foods I love, but for a fraction of the price! Can't wait to try this out for some of the staple items I have been wanting to buy, buy are incredibly expensive at local stores. And you get 20% your first order! How awesome is that?

Favorite Purchase of the Week: Metallic Silver Nike Cortez

Y'all know I love me some Nike and I love a good deal! I was in TJMaxx earlier this week just killing some time and saw these babies. There was no question I had to get them! And they were only $30, which is such an amazing deal! Look out for these on the blog later next week.

Favorite Quote: 

No matter how long I worked with any one student-athlete I hope I helped you to believe these words.

Favorite Style Blog: Basic Babe by Lauren Sherriff

I stumbled across Lauren Sherriff's Instagram account one night while I was deep in the rabbit hole of Instagram. I instantly fell in love with her style because she does so much with neutrals. I'm always trying to find new ways to work with neutrals because they can be styled and re-styled over and over again. Her looks are so effortless; I just love them and her aesthetic.

Favorite Recipe: Bruschetta Chicken Pasta 

I love trying new recipes. I may sound like an old lady, but this is my version of a perfect Friday night: coming home and trying a new recipe to have with my friends over a glass (or 2) of red wine. I may eat healthy most nights, but this is one recipe I would run the extra miles for!

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