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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Workout Wednesday: Week #3

Hey y'all! Finally, it is here- the first official day of summer! What better way to commence the celebration than with a total body workout. Your morning will be off to a great start and you'll be ready to hit the pool or the beach in your favorite bathing suit. Let's be honest- that's why the gyms are so packed this time of here. We're all getting in shape for cut offs and bathing suits.
I found an old photo of myself at the beach from about a year ago and it is amazing to me how far I have come since then. Throughout my teens and early 20's I was always the girl who dreaded the start of summer because that meant I'd have to try on a bathing suit and, once again, not like what looked back at me in the mirror. Last summer was the last straw for me. I looked at pictures of myself from the beach and was incredibly discouraged by what I saw. 

That's what started this journey for me. And what has motivated me to continue to work hard in the gym, put nutritious food in my body, and live a healthy lifestyle. Simply put, I feel better. I've been lucky to have a strong support system in my family and friends who encourage the way I eat and workout and tell me how amazing I look. I won't lie to you, I enjoy a good cheat meal every now and again. However, the next day I'm right back in the gym. Just like I was today.

Today's workout combines everything we've done in Week #1 and Week #2 into one concise workout. Let me tell you, I was feeling it this morning and in all of the right places. And that's my motivation- knowing that everyday is a new opportunity for me to look a little better and feel even better too!
Get after it today! And have a great first day of summer!
💜 Molly

Special thanks to my trainer @geezus.nephew for collaborating with me on this series.

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