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Monday, April 10, 2017

Suede & Stones

 Outfit Details
Dress: Express (from last summer, similar styles herehere, and here) // Jacket: Land's End (similar here and here) // Necklace: Suede & Stones // Sandals: Charlotte Russe (similiar here and here // Watch: Apple + Nike

I can always count on my sister, Alli, to think outside of the box and get really creative when it comes to buying presents for me. She has a knack for getting me things I didn't know I would love until I open them. My 25th Birthday present was no exception. This year Alli got me this very cool, and very outside my usual choice in accessories, shark tooth necklace from a company called Suede & Stones. She and my other sister, Caroline, have tons of pieces from this jewelry line and I have always admired how effortlessly they incorporate the pieces into their outfits, wishing I could figure out how to do the same. But my sisters and my personal style is very different so incorporating this cool piece didn't come as easily for me as it would have for her or Caroline. On this particular day I got really lucky that it all came together so easily.

Suede & Stones is a company that Alli holds near and dear to her heart, and for obvious reasons. One of her best friends and sorority sisters, Erin Fogarty, is the owner of Suede and Stones having started the company in 2016. It was originally a hobby; just something fun for her to do. However, her pieces instantly became the envy of her friends and soon everyone wanted the jewelry. It was then that Erin decided to turn Suede and Stones into a business and made it an official LLC. Today, Suede & Stones is based out of Savannah, Georgia. Purchases can be made online through Etsy or at the Fabrik store in Savannah.

I would highly recommend Suede and Stones to any girl looking to add a unique piece to her ensemble. Erin's pieces are absolutely gorgeous and she makes each of them herself so I know I'm getting a quality product. This may have been my first piece from Suede and Stones, but it definitely will not be my last. Be sure to check out her Etsy store using the links above!

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