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Thursday, April 27, 2017

Just A Couple of Cool Cats

Last night was the A-CAT-emy Awards, which is a big award show that recognizes the accomplishments of the student-athletes over the course of the year. Everyone gets dressed to the nine's, take pictures, and enjoys the awards. 

This night marked the start of my 'farewell tour' if you will, as I finish my final weeks at Western Carolina. It was really crazy to think how much had changed in a year, but at the same time how much had remained the same. A couple faces are missing from the photos below, but these photos encapsulate the people who have made the biggest impact on me as a person and professional in the past two years. At this point, I really could not imagine my life without any of them.

And while they may not see me everyday in the future I hope they, and all of my athletes and friends know, I will always have your back because that is what loyalty is...and that is what family does.

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