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Monday, March 27, 2017

The Force IS Female

Outfit Details: 
The Force is Female T-Shirt: Nike // White Midi Skirt: Loft (sold out- similar here and here) // Shoes: Steve Madden // Watch: Apple + Nike // Bracelet: David Yurman // Ring: David Yurman
THE FORCE IS FEMALE: an innovate and powerful phrase that brings light to a continuously reoccurring issue in today's society. Men and women are constantly compared in one way or another. To me, it seems rather impossible to make comparisons or to try to put men and women on the same playing field because each is so different. That is not to say that women are any less important than men, which is hopefully obvious by my wearing this t-shirt and writing an entire post about the meaning.

Rather, women are equally important and deserved to be recognized for everything we put out into the world. When I read the meaning behind Nike's 'The Force is Female' campaign I was inspired by their approach to bringing awareness to equality. Instead of pointing to the disparities between the treatment of men and women, Nike's intent is to highlight and praise women for all that we bring to the table and in some instances, being the damn table. It praises women who want to inspire and constantly push their boundaries to make the world around them better. I can't think of a better platform for empowering women and celebrating those who want to make every day life better. After reading several articles and doing my research this shirt and the words on it made me want to be better.

As many of you know, I am a student-athlete academic counselor. In short, I make sure student-athletes make good grades to be eligible each season and eventually graduate. But I'd like to think my job is more than just grades and eligibility. I'd like to think that I influence a younger generation and help them to navigate through a crucial period in their lives where, essentially, the are becoming who they will be for the rest of their adult lives. I'd like to think I am helping them to find their passion and niche in life the way I believe I have and to be able to go out into the world and make a life they can be proud to live. That's not to say there are not days where they really push my buttons, but I feel as though the first time they walk into my office we create an unspoken agreement that they will find their way over the next 4 years, and that I will be there every step of the way to help them do it. Each day I wake up knowing I have an obligation to them and to myself to help them create their future. And I hope I am.

My name is Molly and my force is DEFINITELY female.

Check out the inspiring words that inspired 'The Force is Female' campaign:

We are a new generation.
A generation born with an realness.
A braveness.
A force.
A bond that ties us together.
But never holds us down.
It’s an undeniable boundary that defies definition.
A reminder that we are never finished.
Yet always complete.
From the courts to the streets,
We were put here to disrupt.
Made legends because we will not exist within the lines.
We prove that vulnerability is not the same as weakness.
Flawed not the same as imperfect.
It’s a power in our every step. A refusal to stop.
It’s that rule-breaking, decision-making, name taking, don’t give a damn in all of us.
It’s never one thing. It’s everything.
It’s who we are. As one. As all.
It’s the force.

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